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The region is not developed for tourism but is a recognised destination for hunting and fishing. There is no history in the region for mining although until recently there was a substantial paper pulp plant at Salsbruket which attracted a wide range of skilled people to the area. This plan was destroyed by fire in the 1980's.
All major services are available in the region including hydro-electricity which is generated locally.


Salsbruket is situated in the Nord Trondelag Fylke, 170km north-east of Trondheim. The town is 63km from the main Steinkjer to Mosjoen highway (E6) and is accessed with a recently improved metalled road via the town of Høylandet. Salsbruket can also be reached from the north by fery via Hofles to Geisnes. The closest airport is 30km to the north at Rørvik.

Salsbruket is located directly on the coast at the head of the Foldafjorden and has excellent access by sea and is icefree all vinter.
The area is generally sparsely populated and consists of open moorland and forest with a maximum elevation of 360 metres above sea-level.
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