The exceptional quality of the material, particularly the high natural whiteness and excellent purity, makes it extremely suitable for a wide range of industrial applications including:
* Coating and filling in paper
* Fillin in paints and plastics and rubber
* Ceramics
* Glass
* Detergents
* Carpet Baiking
* Foods and cosmetics
* Pharmaleceutical applications


The quality of the marble in the Hestvika deposit has been evaluated by laboratory analysis of borehole samples together with extensive commercial process trials by potential customers. This work confirms that the marble consists of extremely white, crystalline calcite with minimal impurities such as graphite or silicate minerals which are typical of many other Norwegian marble deposits.

The calcium carbonate produced from the Hestvika deposit is, at present, available in bulk as a crushed and screened product. Particle size can be adjusted to suit particular customer requirements.


  Marble quality